Traffic Report No.4: The Sun in the Sands

The Sun in the Sands reputedly got its name from the sunlight which shone through the dirt kicked up by the drovers, driving their sheep in the distance. Now it is concrete and there are no views as such.


Traffic Report No.1: Charlie Brown’s Roundabout

The first in a series of films from London’s traffic black spots. Over the next few months I will be visiting areas in and around London where levels of congestion regularly merit mention on nation traffic reports. Places whose names have become part of the national consciousness.
First up, Charlie Brown’s Roundabout in South Woodford.

Traffic Report No.1: Charlie Brown’s Roundabout from Spaceship Pictures on Vimeo.

A Girl and a Gun

So this is the Bond covers album that my Crock Oss alter ego features on. It also includes fantastic versions of all the Bond themes and other music associated with the series. A lot of work has gone into this and it’s available for free from 23rd October 2015!

In addition there will be a very special edition of the Union Chapel in Isnlington on 007th November to celebrate the launch. I’ll be playing The Man with the Golden Gun in collaboration as well as featuring on some of the other songs too. I’ve also manufactured some incidental music to play between the acts that I’m quite proud of.

The details of the show can be found here.

Documentary test

I few months ago I created this documentary test using the music I created from field recordings of Chigwell ROC Post and some excepts from the first interview I conducted.

Now summer is approaching, and looking busy with many projects, I need to start trying to schedule some interviews with more ex-ROC personnel. If you have already contacted me I should be in touch soon, but I am still looking for more people to interview. It probably won’t take more than an hour of your time and I think it would make the piece all the more interesting. I can be contacted via this blog or at