Here’s a bit of information about me, Mark S. Williamson.

My various musical projects include Spaceship and Microscope Wilson and I am a former member of the rock band Minions.

I started making music as Spaceship somewhere around 1994, a combination of a 4-track portastudio, a new echo box and a cheap Yamaha keyboard that could be perverted into making interesting sounds lead me to begin to attempt to make my own brand of Krautrock. Thing was, I’d never heard any Krautrock. Undaunted I just recorded whatever unusual noises I could create, without fear of using my old Casiotone MT-40, or singing the Mellotron lines as I had no access to a Mellotron.

I sent these initial forays off to Julian Cope on a tape and, many moons later, was promised that one day he’d put some of this stuff out.

The project sporadically reared it’s head on and off over the years but living abroad, in a tent, was not too conducive. I whiled away my time writing songs about cooking oil and trying to learn to play ‘Ground Control to Major Tom’ until, out of the blue, I was asked to contribute to the, as yet unreleased, second LAMF album. The pieces I came up with them re-energised me and, as the years have passed the world of Spaceship has returned.


In 2008 I made my live debut in the Spaceship guise at London’s Club Dune and in Autumn that year plans were made to release a Spaceship album on Julian Cope’s Fuck Off & Di label. These plans came to fruition in January 2009, when the self-titled debut was unleashed…

With just two long tracks, the Cope and Stephen O’Malley featuring ‘The Drowning of Ys’ and the epic drone-a-thon ‘The Long Walk West’, the Spaceship had, as it were, arrived.

The rest of 2009 saw a number of gigs, including a couple more performances at Club Dune and a headlining appearance at the first ever apollolaan recordings night, a set captured in its entirety and posted on YouTube.

The latter part of the year saw the beginnings of the Missing Robots project, before 2010 brought the first ever Spaceship performance in my hometown of Blackpool. Just a few weeks later saw the release of the second Spaceship album, Out of Time’s Abyss. Named after an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel the limited edition album sold out at source within 24 hours and within a week was completely sold out from all outlets. The album is now available to download.

April 2011 saw the release of ‘Compendium Obscura: Archive Recordings 1994-2009’, featuring the original 1994 Spaceship tracks, the contributions to the aborted LAMF album and the live live performance from the Apollolaan night in Bournemouth, this sprawling 3CD set emptied the vaults, leaving the future unwritten.

In 2012 I was asked to augment my friend Black Tempest at the Supernormal Festival, along with Dan ‘Kosmischeboy’ Doughty. At the same time I started playing with music apps on my iPhone and from this the Crock Oss project was born. Dirtier and beatier than most of the Spaceship ouvre, it deserved its own name. The album ‘One More Time For Stupid’ arrived in spring 2013.

This was quickly followed by a new Spaceship album ‘Kelvedon Hatch’ the album was one long track based around field recordings made at Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker in Essex. The whole thing was done in a day and marked a change of direction for the Spaceship sound.

In the summer of 2013 I played as Spaceship and as part of Black Tempest at the inaugural Woolf Music festival in Wiltshire. Meanwhile the Kelvedon Hatch album had attracted the attention of The Outer Church, who asked me to play at their Winter Solstice ritual.

Since this time I have been slowly working on a field recording and sound manipulation project named ‘A Hole in the Ground’. These pieces are based around sounds recorded at abandoned Royal Observer Corp Posts, which I was surprised to learn are scattered all over the country…

Mark S. Williamson at Chigwell ROC Post

Mark S. Williamson at Chigwell ROC Post