spaceship – a prospect of loughton brook

The latest spaceship album, ‘a prospect of loughton brook‘ is now available to pre-order buy. I’m really proud of this album and it probably represents the most work I’ve every put into one release.

front cover

Here’s the blurb:

A Prospect of Loughton Brook is the fifth album from Mark Williamson’s Spaceship. The album was recorded and produced over two weekends in January of this year. It consists of binaural and hydrophone recordings, augmented with piano, synthesizer and strings. The album traces the journey, from source to mouth, of Loughton Brook, a small stream in Epping Forest. Some of the recordings are left raw and unprocessed, others processed and altered. Some pieces have added instrumentation others are left alone.
The piece reflects the journey. The sounds of the transition from the steep sided valley of the upper reaches, in Great Monk Wood, through the meanders below Baldwins Pond and under the houses and shops of Loughton itself; before the stream emerges from a culvert to flow through Loughton recreation ground and on to its confluence with the River Roding. The cultural and geographical changes along the stream’s relatively short route are pronounced. Whilst the hum of aircraft and the drone of traffic is a constant in Epping Forest, the transition from north to south brings more human sounds. First dog walkers and families, then the sounds of suburban Loughton and finally the muted roar of the M11.

Pre-order from . Release date 12th May 2017.

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