Fantastic Compendium Obscura Review from Norman Records

“Brian gave this 4/5.

This guy has been shitting weird sounds through the needle of the cosmos for bloody years now. He’s obsessed with Megalithic standing stones and has progressed from constructing burbling modular analogue kosmische sounds and mortifying dark ambience in the belly of the ambient techno heyday to the creepy, metronomic psychedelic pop of ‘Further Than You’ve Been Before’. The second disc is particularly notable as this is where he returns to the musical fray in the 00’s with his new Earth/spacerock obsession after working abroad with no stimulus for an itch of seven years. So if you like a spot of down-tuned doom/sludge dirge with some wild psychedelic leanings I think you may dig this CD. Turn it right the fuck-up to catch the full intensity of this funereal grind & allow the Skullflower-esque portentous fuzz take over your mind and ride it like the bitch it is. Your mind, yes, it is a bitch -i know what I’m-a-saying. The riff-tastic ‘Ultranaut’ is another head-mashing classic from the stable of Mark Williamson. The riff on this will sear right through your head and flop out the other side like electrified yoghurt man…..Numbered of 50 in a right beezer package old chaps…..”

Available via Bandcamp and Norman Records


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