Mark and Rebecca Williamson go live

I’ve put a few first fruits of the Mark and Rebecca Williamson project up on MySpace (sorry, I’ll get with it and use SoundCloud or something when I can work it out). I’m still not sure what direction we want to take this in but I’m useless and holding stuff back and working on it till it’s right.
There’s four tracks up there, a couple of originals, an arrangement of a (I think) nineteenth century song called ‘The Hungry Army‘ and a cover of Help by the Beatles which, in the right circumstances, could probably sell a million mobile phones.
So really it’s just experimenting with sounds and ideas. All the music has been made with acoustic instruments and, where I’ve managed to get Bec to sing, I’ve pushed her vocal right up so you don’t have to listen to my whining.
Typically, after recording about six pieces for this project I’ve now hit a writing wall, this often happens but it’s a bit annoying. Hopefully I’ll get some new ideas soon and we can expand on this.
Anyway, see what you think, if possible use headphones or good speakers, and I know there’s probably too much bass, but once a bass player…


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