Great News!

Yesterday I finally managed to entice Becca into the studio (spare room) to record some vocals for the new project. Not only did she do a great job, allowing me to bury my vocals so far in the mix they hardly sound out of key, she also enjoyed it, and even mentioned playing gigs at some future point!
Hurrah! But now I must tread carefully as I do not want to put her off by being too enthusiastic.
Writing this I realise that part of the reason for my current creativity is I have realised that, in my wife, I have a muse. I always thought that when you fell in love with someone they automatically became your muse and you would spend the rest of your days penning lavender scented paeans of devotion and tenderness dedicated to their beauty. But no, I carried on producing barely listenable ambient metal.
But NOW I realise, by writing for Becca in both senses of the word ‘for’ I can open pathways formerly closed.
This is going to take some time, and it’s going to take all my willpower not to splatter this stuff all over the internet before it’s ready…but one day it will be ready. So keep yer ears to the ground…


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