A Recent Construction

I find building things very therapeutic, not just robots but other things too. Building musical instruments is always something I always dreamed of doing but never thought possible. However, having built my Bisto pot synth and my diddley bow I am always looking for new ideas.
I’m not sure what inspired me to build a suitcase bass drum, but I did. From what my scant research revealed there’s something of a tradition of suitcase bass drums, especially amongst (obviously) buskers and similar travelling musicians. Indeed it has a cousin in the more professional foot drums, which could be adapted normal drums, as played on this rather wonderful version of Stairway to Heaven by Lissie, or a more custom built piece of equipment like these astonishing creations.
Anyway, I’m hardly going to type out instructions on how to build a suitcase bass drum as you should be able to work it out from the series of photos below. As I already had the suitcase (although I’m sure you could pick one up cheap enough at a car boot sale) the whole lot, including a cheap pedal off eBay, cost me less than £10. It actually sounds pretty good too, especially with a tambourine stuck to the top.


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