Actually blogging, like a blog should be.

So maybe I should start blogging, like really blogging. It would give me something to do. Although I seem to be simultaneously busy and have nothing to do a lot if the time. Maybe this is because I sometimes call “looking up things on the internet” a “busy” task, and other times a “lazy” task.
Also, all said, I probably don’t do enough stuff to interest anybody. My sister has a blog but she’s forever running around to comedy gigs or getting on trains or taking pictures of her face and such. My life is not so exciting.
So another maybe; maybe I can use this to motivate myself. I’m already on the move. I’ve put Spaceship as a musical project to sleep again (short of a retrospective cassette I hope to put out in the next few months) so I’m concentrating on two things:

1) After playing the guitar for nearly twenty years I’ve decided it’s high time I put some effort into learning how to play it properly. So I’m practicing. Every day. I’m attempting to get better at fingerpicking and other general acoustic guitar techniques as a means to the following end…:

2) Convince my wife to sing on songs that I/we have written/will write. This is important. Those who know me will also know that I do not have, ahem, the strongest singing voice in the world. My wife however has a lovely singing voice and so the idea is to combine my Bill and Tedesque intensive guitar improvement with her lovely voice and create some music we can really get excited about. And then maybe play it to some people. But she works so hard and such long hours and loves Eastenders so much that it’s hard to get her in front of a microphone. But I will. I’ll do it by dazzling her with song!

3) I really should get another job. One that pays me a bit more but, more importantly, is nearer home. I also want to do something worthwhile. What I do now is pretty worthwhile, but I’d like to do something more hands on. I’ll try and keep the world updated as to my progress on this front.

So that’s it for now. Next time I’ll write about what brought about this musical volte-face and whatever else I’m thinking about. And soon I’ll try and do actually something interesting.


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