Spaceship: Live in Blackpool 06 March 2010

I will be returning to my home town of Blackpool on 06 March for a show supporting the excellent Earthling Society. The show is at Jenx which is on Topping St. This is interesting as the DNA of the night stretches back to the late, lamented Jenk’s (or, as it was often called Jenks’s) which was held on the top floor of a dilapidated old cinema on Blackpool seafront.
It was here, 17 years ago, that I first went to an ‘indie club’ and danced away to the the Senseless Things and rather too much Jane’s Addiction. It is therefore fitting that the first Spaceship show on home soil should be a club that, in a Lunkwill and Fook/Loonquawl and Phouchg kind of way, shares its name with that haunt of my formative years.
Anyway, I’m working on some new sounds so maybe there’ll be more loops and less drones, or maybe just more of both, I’m trying to make it special.


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